High Leverage Practices in Education (HLPEducation) provides training, professional development, and technical assistance to educators. While our expertise and focus lean heavily to students who present the biggest challenges, we are firmly rooted in a school and classroom wide prevention model.

We bring together experts across a range of content areas – all with a similar vision for creating success in schools. Relying on science as our driver, we know that success now is the best predictor of future success, and our training and professional development is focused on helping schools to infuse high-probability evidence-based practices into their daily operations.
With the experience of over 10,000 training activities, our experts understand that effective professional development must be practical, engaging, and interactive. We tailor each activity to the unique needs of individual districts, schools, teachers, and students. 
Because we all have been teachers, we firmly believe that every success builds momentum – and our goal is to help educators create and sustain that momentum.