Gwen Berry 

  • Tier II and Tier III academic strategies 

    • Note-taking and study skills

    • Writing 

    • Reading comprehension 

    • Self-advocacy and motivation

  • Inclusive (Tier I) teaching practices for secondary content teachers 

  • Adolescent literacy

  • Explicit instruction and coaching for students with high incidence disabilities

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Gwen Berry, Ph.D., earned her doctorate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and served as an associate professor of special education for 15 years in Minnesota and North Dakota where she specialized in learning strategies and evidence-based practices for students with learning disabilities. 


She has worked in 18 different states as a professional developer and instructional coach focusing on strategic instruction, adolescent literacy, and inclusive teaching practices. She has served as a project coordinator and consultant on numerous state and federal research projects at both the University of Kansas and the University of Louisville.  These projects have focused on infusing inclusive teacher education practices in pre-service programs, increasing the number of students with disabilities who attend community colleges, and developing multi-tiered systems of support in schools.


Dr. Berry is a certified professional developed in the Strategic Instruction Model, and author of the Listening and Note-Taking Strategy. 

Dr. Gwen Berry